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CIMC Raffles reached strategic cooperation with Yangtze Three Gorges Equipment and Supplies
Release time:2021-05-27
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On May 27, CIMC Raffles and with Yangtze Three Gorges Equipment And Supplies signed a strategic cooperation agreement in YanTai, marks the formal form a close partnership, the future will be based on their respective industry advantage, in the field of offshore wind power ,material procurement and other low carbon renewable energy open deep strategic cooperation.

As one of the initiators of "Green Practice", CIMC Raffles is actively expanding the field of comprehensive development of marine new energy, and offshore wind power is gradually becoming one of the strategic directions of the company.

The Yangtze Three Gorges Equipment and Materials Materials Co.Ltd, taking the Three Gorges Group bulk material centralized purchasing equipment supply work, business scope covers domestic and foreign large-scale hydropower project and new energy engineering projects, is committed to green new energy equipment goods and materials in the supply and service security of the project, operations and service of offshore wind power products has been gradually incorporated into the three gorges equipment supplies to strategic points.

Both sides agree with complementary advantages, business development concept, with the advent of international energy transformation strategy nodes, the offshore wind field will be the combination to the Three Gorges’s materials in the supply of advantage and Cimc Raffles’s ocean engineering ability. The common development of key equipment for offshore wind, operational cooperation of offshore wind field, in response to "3060" double carbon initiative, practice green mission,It will contribute positively to the low-carbon and sustainable development of global energy.

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