Company Honor Roll - CIMC Raffles

CIMC Raffles delivers products in all major cities around the world and has achieved excellent results. Among them, the COSL series won many honors from Statoil, including the “perfect well” title; the OOS series achieved high results in user evaluation criteria, of which OOS Gretha scored 97 points and OOS Prometheus scored 100 points; “Blue Whale 1” has taken on the responsibility of the country's first test of natural gas hydrates in the sea area, and received congratulatory messages from the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council.

The awards of enterprises in recent years are as follows:

  • Energy Management System Certification
    On July 30, 2015,Norwegian Classification Society (DNV)
    German Lloyd's Register (GL)
  • Ocean Engineering Science and Technology Award
    On January 1, 2015,China Ocean Engineering Consulting Association
  • 2013 China Industrial Awards (Certificate of Recognition)
    On May 17, 2014,China Federation of Industrial Economics
  • National Energy Science and Technology Progress Award
    On January 4, 2013,National Energy Administration
  • 2012 National Energy Science and Technology Progress First Prize
    On January 1, 2013,National Energy Administration
  • China Machinery Industry Science and Technology Award 2nd Prize
    On January 1, 2012,China Machinery Industry Association
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