Corporate Social responsibility - CIMC Raffles

CIMC Raffles' corporate social responsibility concept focuses on sustainable development. Through continuous innovation and lean management, it develops the ocean and uses the ocean to provide safe, high-quality products and services to the society and create a better life for mankind. The company adheres to an innovative drive to realize green development. CIMC Raffles respects intellectual property rights and has more than 400 domestic and foreign offshore patents. CIMC Raffles adheres to public welfare undertakings and loves to give back to the society; pays attention to employee growth, caring for employees and their families, and adheres to people-oriented harmonious development.

Green Management

CIMC Raffles has established an environmental management system to promote the overall pollution prevention and control work, identifying standards for pollution prevention, establishing various documents on pollution prevention, and effectively control activities related to environmental factors, such that environmental management conforms to the state and local government environmental protection laws and regulations and other requirements to ensure the realization of environmental policies, objectives and indicators. In 2017, CIMC Raffles' energy saving capacity was 1,495 tons of standard coal, which made a great contribution to lowering carbon emissions. Due to outstanding energy-saving work, the company has won the honor of being Yantai City's energy-saving work advanced enterprise such as "Yantai Energy Conservation Advanced Enterprise"..

Social Welfare Management

CIMC Raffles integrates social responsibility into the development of the company and actively participates in social welfare undertakings. On July 20, 2017, CIMC Raffles participated in the Shandong Provincial Defense Science and Technology Office initiative to conduct a cultural poverty alleviation effort in the Baotou Village Hot Spring Village of Liangqiu Township, Feixian County, with a donation of 30,000 yuan and 4 computers and 300 books which are used to support the construction of the Confucius Institute and the cultural library in the village. In addition, CIMC Raffles has undertaken initiatives to receive military veterans, resettle disabled people and promote social employment to maintain social stability.

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