EPC Capability - CIMC Raffles
R & D Capabilities
CIMC Offshore Engineering Research Institute together with three other marine research institutes in Shanghai, Sweden and Norway form a Sino-European interactive R&D innovation network. With deep integration with final assembly construction, it possesses high-end marine solutions ...
Lean Purchasing Supply Chain
Based on the procurement advantages of CIMC, CIMC Raffles provides customers with the best quality and best cost solutions in a timely manner with an efficient and reliable supply chain network. More than 80% of the procurement team has more than 8 years.
Construction Capability
CIMC Raffles is the only company in China that can mass-produce and industrialize high-end offshore equipment. It has three construction bases in Yantai City, Haiyang City and Longkou City in Shandong Province, all of which are located in Bohai Bay which is one of China's...
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